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Model Ships

There is a large collection of model ships on display, ranging from a wooden Viking Ship, to the 1535 Grande Hermine flagship that was part of Jacques Cartier's discovery of Canada to the 1974 Seaspan Crusader tugboat which is still in operation up and down the BC Coast.

Several of these models were built by Mac McDonald. A talented and creative carpenter, cabinet maker and machinist, Mac always loved sailing ships, trains, planes and antique cars and modeled all of these throughout his life.  A history buff too, he would research his subjects in order to learn their stories. 

He loved building his models and often said the joy was in the construction because he was a "doer and not a sitter".  Once asked what it took to build these beautiful ships he replied, "An understanding wife!"  Among his most treasured possessions was the 'Public Choice' Award for his model ship 'Norske Love'.

The Maritime Heritage Centre is proud to have Mac's models on display along with all our examples of such intricate craftsmanship.

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