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In the past generous donors have given the Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre its varied collection of objects and documents and we are still looking for more. These items are greatly appreciated by the Centre. The staff is continuing to talk to donors and prospective donors regarding artifacts and documents which will be of interest for display in the facility. Our procedures dictate that all objects offered to the Centre must be reviewed and approved by our Collections Committee.

The following guide will apply to all donations and loans.

1. We are trying to keep our items for display marine oriented and within the West Coast theme of British Columbia.
2. Please call first for an appointment to discuss your artifact or document.
3. Please understand that your item is a permanent gift to the Centre or is stated as a loan.
4. Understand that your item may not go on display right away as we have a limited display area but we are going to rotate some items as the seasons vary.
5. If for some reason we find that your donation is not appropriate for our displays every attempt to contact the donor will be made for its return to that donor.
6. We also accept items on loan. If needed the items will be returned right away but give us a little time to get it out of the display area.

For more information please call the Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre.
Tel 250-286-3161
Fax 250-286-3162
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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